dimanche 29 juillet 2012

What is the early symptoms of the disease of renal failure?

Renal failure early symptoms of the disease? This is many patients need to understand the severity of renal failure, we all know, renal failure, experts suggest that timely prevention and ensure early detection and early treatment, in order to reduce the suffering of patients. Therefore be seen to understand the early symptoms of the disease of renal failure treatment is important and timely.
Kidney disease hospital experts know the early symptoms of kidney failure, how important the disease progresses and the curb. However, if renal failure developed to the late, it will lead to severely impaired renal function, affecting the normal life of patients with renal failure. Renal failure early symptoms of the disease which is conducive to timely treatment? According to the following clinical features when you render one or some of the symptoms should be timely to go to the hospital checkups confirmed:
1, drowsiness, fatigue
This may be an early performance, but the most easily overlooked, arouse sleepy, weak reason indeed too much, therefore, can not neglect their physical condition.
2, edema
This is a relatively easy to find the phenomenon. Incurred by the kidneys can not eliminate excess water in the body fluid retention in the tissue space in the body, early only in the ankle and eyelid edema, disappeared after the break, if expanded to the persistent or generalized edema, has been ill for light carry.
3, looking yellowed
This is due to anemia caused by more serious kind of early symptoms of renal failure. Because of this the performance of the attacks and expand very slowly, and thus not rendered in a too short period of time "contrast", and just as difficult to find in the morning and evening to meet a variety of slow changes commenced.
4, high blood pressure
Renal natriuresis, drainage function, renal body will attack with impaired sodium and water build to stay, in addition, the kidneys will secrete the substance of some of the hypertension in this time. Therefore, early renal failure patients have varying degrees of hypertension. If high blood pressure, combined with poor clotting mechanism prone to cause bleeding from the nose or gums, to arouse attention.
5, urine output changes
Landing due to kidney filtration function, some patients with the duration of pause urine will decrease gradually. Even normal urine, reduced to remove the toxins due to urine, the quality of landing can not rid their bodies of excess waste and urine output to a certain extent and can not in good condition your kidney function is good or bad.
6, loss of appetite
Early renal failure in patients with high serum creatinine, the accumulation of toxins in the body can not excrete incurred gastrointestinal function disorders, loss of appetite.
Renal failure in the early symptoms of the disease which is conducive to the timely treatment? A detailed description of the expert, I believe we all understand. Kidney failure diseases, serious harm, had renal failure is necessary to timely treatment, and maintain a good attitude and accept the formal treatment of the experts, so that patients receive more effective treatment measures, as well as efficacy.
Performance which is conducive to timely treatment for early symptoms of kidney failure? Renal failure therapy users love tips! Only patients with renal failure, renal local residual renal unit, then the kidneys can lose repair, by the Chinese Ming Medical Forum nephropathy expert group to investigate the marked: creatinine 1300umol / L within 24 hours urine volume of more than 1200ml, and dialysis of the number of in 10 patients with renal failure, kidney entire necrosis, if patients with this disease outside of "micro-penetration therapy of Chinese medicine characteristics of the therapy can reach better results.

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